Uncover the cocktailbar, the heart of the venue, bridging the restaurant with the club.

Sink into the comfy chairs and choose from our extensive drinks menu with cocktail classics (with a twist), champagne and exciting wines.

The best start of an unforgettable night out, and the perfect hideaway for a break from the dance floor.



Let us then take you on a culinary journey in our restaurant, by chef Said Cheddad.

Travel through time and space with our bold flavors, pungent scents, exotic ingredients and elegant executions from Asian cuisine. Each dish tells a personal story, from unforgettable dining experiences in Japan to street food in Hong Kong.


The best nights are not planned, but happen to you. You start with a mouth-watering dinner and end with dancing on the table!

The DJ guides you on the dance floor with an eclectic mix of genres, from hip-hop and R&B to afro and high-energy disco and house classics. Together with a close-knit party family of event organizations, every night will be one to remember.



Dynasty is Chin Chin Club’s one and only true Dynasty for the best partygoers and Chin Chin regulars. Dynasty offers the best that Chin Chin Club has to offer with extraordinary entertainment and an eclectic mix of feelgood music, going beyond fixed genres, played by the hottest DJs. Expect to cross multiple musical borders.
The freshest Friday of the month at Chin Chin Club. At Friday Freshness, there’s a dance floor full of Hip Hop and R&B lovers. Showing off their fresh haircut, slickest outfits and of course, smooth moves. Expect Hip Hop, Old and New School R&B and fresh Afro sounds. The place to be, every third Friday of the month.
Geroezemoes is the Dutch word for “buzz” and that’s exactly what this night is all about. These vibrant sounds bring positive energy, moving hips and a big smile. Geroezemoes is a night for the ladies with the best R&B and everything sexy & related.
Step into a world of romance as we transport you into the mesmerizing Paris nightlife. Every second Friday of the month musical border are broken with a mix of  Hip Hop, R&B en new related sounds from around the globe. Dress to impress with some Parisian flair, be surprised and discover new tunes and amazing new genres.
MiMi is our little club secret. The place to be, every Thursday. Our only clubnight for the 21+ generation. Expect a night with young new talented DJ’s and the hottest tracks of the moment mixed with older classics. Join MiMi to kickstart your weekend early with the most handsome Amsterdam crowd.
NR. 133
Amsterdam’s most bizarre 'house party’ in the Chin Chin Club, bringing ‘gezelligheid’ every fourth Friday of the month. Explore the different rooms in the ‘house’ at NR. 133 with the craziest entertainment and your all-time favorite hits. The DJs will blast R&B, Hip Hop, Disco, Hits & Classics.
Oops! is the latest sensation at Chin Chin Club, where the night comes alive in an explosion of the 70's, full of glitter & glamour. Imagine an extravagant New York club life with a mix of edgy entertainment, sparkling cocktails and a soundtrack of R&B, Afropop, Amapiano & latin sounds, be prepared for anything… Oops! Every second Saturday will be a night of unforgettable extravagance.
Loco, the name says it all... Expect to be surprised with crazy & sexy entertainment, while the DJ’s play many unexpected edits and remixes of your favorite songs in the newest and hottest genres like Amapiano and Baile Funk. But not without forgetting the classic R&B sound we all love. It’s a night where you can let loose and go absolutely wild. Embrace your inner 'loco’'!